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Tarbell 57: Spirit Tablets

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For a long time slates as so-called spirit boards of spiritualists at theirs seances used. Magicians also use them, but only for the purpose of entertaining deception.

The basic principle behind the use of such tablets is that writing mysteriously appears on a blank tablet. while the spiritualists claiming that the spirits of the deceased were their authors, the magicians admit that they use sophisticated methods of deception.

In this lesson you will get an overview of the various technical tricks to make such ghost writing appear on empty boards.

You will get to know the blackboard inlay, a tool that is as simple as it is ingenious, of the existence of which the public is unaware and which enables a multitude of amazing tricks.

You will also learn the secrets of the blackboard flap and you will learn how to receive messages from the afterlife using erasable and non-erasable writing.

However, not only the trick techniques are taught, but these are immediately applied in great routines by famous magicians such as Al Baker, Al Man, Bill Larsen, Chung Ling Soo, Dunninger and Jack Miller.

As usual, Harlan Tarbell not only provides exact descriptions illustrated with many drawings, but also perfect presentations on the individual routines.

Brochure in German, paperback, format 15,5 x 23,5 cm, 52 pages, many drawings.

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