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Daily shipping from MON-FRI. Plan now for Halloween!

Tarbell 94: Unique Secrets

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Here, Harlan Tarbell reveals the secrets of feats that can all be considered classics. It is a colorful roundelay, some of which is equipped with props that can be found in every household and that are given their secret preparation in just a few simple steps.

Water and wine - an amazing experiment based on chemistry.
Tarbell's Cake Bakery - A cake is baked in a borrowed hat. The hat remains intact, the cake can be distributed and eaten.
The Enchanted Cane - is a wonderful example of a levitation effect that is created with the simplest of means, yet is utterly deceptive.
The bewitched handkerchief disappears and reappears in a jar.
CHOICE QUALITY turns out to be The Wrong Word.
In the mysterious cross, one stroke penetrates your hand and a second stroke forms a cross.
With the three breadcrumbs, one breadcrumb always goes back into your hand with the other two breadcrumbs.

In addition, a candy penetrates a string, a coin begins to cry thick drops, all sorts of objects appear from an inexhaustible hat, silk scarves are knotted and a potato changes places with a cube, paper is torn and restored again.

Finally, lemons and oranges are produced from flower pots and finally a large bowl filled with water appears.

48-page brochure with many drawings.

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