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Whit Monday closed. loading and shipping again from May 30th

From the Coaching Series by Wolf Fisher: '...really made for magicians working in the real world.ae Learn the secrets to getting the most audience response from your show! Optimize your program by building your tricks and routines even more powerful! Benefit from comprehensive practical tips!

Wolf Fisher is not only in demand as a magical entertainer, moderator and actor, but now also as a 'coach' with his expertise and creativity.

In this capacity, he teaches his clients exactly the tricks, knowledge and skills they need to meet their exact needs. Or he polishes up performances in the so-called 'real world' according to the aspects of 'practicability and public impact for everyday show life' and makes them more successful. If you apply the knowledge from this seminar booklet, you will be able to increase the applause of your audience considerably!

Since applause and timing are closely related, Wolf Fisher actually combined two seminars in one booklet. Here Wolf Fisher not only imparts knowledge and experience from his everyday show work, but also from his acting work.

Experience topics in a loosely written way, about which you will hardly find such compressed knowledge in this detail and practical relevance. A real novelty! Using concrete examples from magic, Wolf Fisher clarifies his train of thought. Improve your timing and increase the applause of your show with the first booklet from Wolf Fisher's coaching series! (No trick explanations.)

Book with 128 pages Din A5.

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