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NEW opening hours from March 1st! Saturday, Sunday closed
NEW opening hours from March 1st! Saturday, Sunday closed

Totally Crazy Bands by Rasmus

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Let them choose two single unglued rubber bands and visually connect them together in front of their eyes!

The preparation is totally imperceptible to the naked eye and creates a souvenir they will never forget. The detailed and professional guide, shot in HD, includes over 80 minutes of explanations, live footage, close-ups and over-the-shoulder angles.

Learn the powerful 3-phase Rasmus' Take on routine Crazy Man's Handcuffs. These bold moves and subtleties will take your CMH to the highest level.

Also included: Rasmus' Take on the Torn and Restored Rubber Band. You will also learn a unique way of showing the bouncing rubber band that you can use to fool your viewers and magicians too!

Band Through Wrist is a very wacky and new effect that sprang from the brain of Rasmus. A rubber band jumps from your wrist to your spectator's wrist. So powerful and powerful that it will leave your audience speechless.

As a bonus, Rasmus presents his method two connected bands as two single bands to show. This move has never been taught - one band fully and undeniably penetrates the other.

And finally, as a very special bonus, Rasmus teaches Dan Harlan's Crazy Twist Vanish. A band magically merges with another band and disappears. What remains is a rubber band - and a stunned spectator!

All effects are very visual and powerful. Everything on the DVD is easy to learn and explained in great detail, with high production values ​​that will help you see and understand every detail.

DVD in English. 

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