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Tricks To Pick Up Chicks is the ultimate secret weapon for meeting girls and entertaining friends.

Girls are looking for confidence, humor and personality! This book makes it easy and fun for everyone.

You will learn a variety of magic tricks, bets and scams to break the ice in no time. You'll also get the secrets of body language and how to use your friends to get any girl's attention. You don't have to be a man to impress your friends with this book. Anyone can start impressing people today at clubs, school, bars, work, parties or anywhere! You don't have to be a rich stallion either to get started today with this amazing collection of tricks, scams, spells, bets and much more.

Check out the insane content in this bad boy

Chapter 1 - Quickies
Tricks, icebreakers and lines that will get you the attention of any dream girl instantly.

Chapter 2 - One Night Stands
Perfect magic tricks, bets and scams to impress girls, make you stand out and make them want more.

Chapter 3 - Threesome
Gain an advantage by stealthily using your wingman to trick, cheat, or set up your target!

Chapter 4 - Body Language
Learn how to read body language, gestures, and facial expressions so you know exactly what she's really thinking!

Chapter 5 - Game Rules
Become aware of the rules that separate men from boys. Learn the do's and don'ts of the dating game.

This book in English contains 88 photos and expert instructions showing 26 special magic tricks to break the ice, 100+ of the best lines for every situation, over a dozen top card tricks that will make you look like a professional magician,

  • 5 Tricks With Money Magicians Don't Want You To Know
  • 7 Mind-Blowing Mind-Reading Tricks
  • 22 Tricks With Everyday Objects You Can Use Anytime, Anywhere
  • 24 of the best bets ever invented
  • 15 tricks to get a girl's attention
  • 8 Magical Tricks Using Your Wingman
  • 5 Tricks With Your Wingman That Are Guaranteed To Tow Your Dream Woman And
  • 6 surefire ways to get your wingman to set up your girl!

    That's well over 100 genius magic tricks, dozens of scams, and more!

Plus 45 detailed secrets to reading a girl like a book with must-see photos. From microexpressions, body language, psychology, gestures to expressions, we've got it all covered. This is the stuff men around the world want to know. It is finally explained specifically in relation to women. As a final bonus, the final chapter reveals the top 60 ways to play the game right!

Pages - 186 - Softcover - B/W Inside - Introduction by Chuck The Iceman Liddell

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