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Store in Zurich closed until February 28th. Online shipping normally possible.

Tyvek Envelope System | Ryan Plunkett

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Envelopes have been used by magicians and mentalists for decades. From switches to peeks to storing cards, bills and money and more, envelopes are one of the most versatile props an artist can own.

However, since they are often made of paper, they also wear out quickly. This means that the performers have to constantly replace or redesign them.

What if your favorite envelopes were indestructible and could last a lifetime? With the Tyvek Envelope System, you get exactly that. Finally, you can perform your favorite programs with props that won't wear out - giving you the confidence a professional performer deserves.

The Tyvek Envelope System isn't just another trick or gimmick, it's a useful system that you can use to boost your favorite routines or even take them to a new level. Make objects magically appear, disappear and transform inside these seemingly normal envelopes.

You will receive 10 pre-cut, scored and disassembled envelopes made from beautiful and extremely durable Kraft Tyvek material. Tyvek does not tear, is water-repellent and easily withstands heavy use. You can put them in your bag or suitcase without fear of damaging them.

These Tyvek stencils can be used for most standard or gimmick envelopes. In the hour-plus instructional video, you'll learn how to make three types of envelopes, including a new trick called the "Decoy Envelope," which will open doors you didn't even know existed. Ryan Plunkett also shows you various routines, including predictions with playing cards, a game of banknotes and even pure mind-reading with clubs. But that's just a small sample of what's possible with the Tyvek Envelope System.

Whether you're a magician, a mentalist, or just enjoy building custom envelopes and gimmicks, the Tyvek Envelope System is for you.

Included in the delivery are:

  • 10 Tyvek envelope blanks
  • 1 plastic template for making your own blank envelopes
  • Over an hour of online video instruction from experts in English

"Simple, sleek, and durable, these envelopes are professional-grade props with endless possibilities."
- Joshua Jay

"This thing is SO much fun to play with and I can't wrap my head around how Ryan even ever thought to do this with an envelope!"
- Blake Vogt

"Absolutely incredible! Easy to make and easy to use. Are you sure you want to release this? Maybe you should just keep this between us."
- Mike Pisciotta

"Finally, an envelope solution I will use."
- Brent Brown

IMPORTANT: The Tyvek Envelope System requires a bit of tinkering. Please review the entire guide before attempting to create your own envelopes. You need rubber cement. It's also a good idea to have an eraser and reusable glue handy, but not essential.
All these things are not included in your package.

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