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unhandled | JP Vallarino

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Imagine having full control over a spectator's cards without even touching the cards. Impossible!? Welcome to UNHANDED by JP Vallarino!

This is the ultimate card control program - you pick, you sign, you clip, you shuffle and you can even put the deck back in the card box to make it completely tamper proof! You can have your back turned the entire time while sipping a pina colada and UNHANDED will take control of the selected/signed card for you!

And because you never have to touch the cards, the heat is never on you. UNHANDED can be used as a super easy peek, a sneaky card steal, a card penetration, a totally hands-free transpo, or a miraculous disappearance! Whether magic or mentalism, the choice is yours!
  • You never have to touch the cards
  • The spectator does all the work, but you're still in control of their card
  • Over 2 Hours of Lessons - (We couldn't stop making up routines!)
  • Contains no-tricks routines for beginners
  • Contains routines for intermediate level wizards looking to improve slightly.
  • Use it as card steal, card control, in mentalism, card penetration and as a super easy peek
  • Instant reset
The power to control your signed and selected card is now in YOUR hands! But what you do with it is entirely up to you... This is UNHANDED!
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