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Variations Revisited by Earl Nelson

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The first privately circulated edition of Earl Nelson's Variations was published in 1978. One year later Mark Wilson produced the edition that today is considered a modern classic. Now, twenty-five years later, Variations has undergone a complete transformation. The text has been corrected, expanded and re-typeset, the original line drawings have been replaced with 270 crystal-clear photographs and the dimensions of the book have been changed allowing it to lay flat on the table for ease of study. Plus, an entire section of brand new material has bee added which includes the incredible Miller Variable Placement. Upon seeing Earl perform this versatile move, some of the most knowledgeable magicians in the business called it revolutionary. Now you can have all of Earl's old material and the best new material simply by revisiting Variations.

Pages: 151 - 10 x 10 - Hardcover with dust jacket - Introduction by Dai Vernon


Table of Contents
Publisher's Note
Foreword Dai Vernon
Preface Earl Nelson
Section One Cards
reset reset
Between Your Points of Departure
Slow motion top change
Color Changing Deck
The Haunted Card
exploding aces
Pass the sandwich
Submarine sandwich
About Faces Aces
Wrist turn bluff shift
Sleeve Aces
Section Two Cards and Coins
Pretty Good Coins Across
Coined Card
The $1.50 Vanish
Four the Hard Way
Four the Easy Ways
Section Three Finger Rings
Clifton's ring move
Earl's ring move
Impromptu Flying Ring
Section Four Bonus Effects
Hit and Run Aces
The Changing of the Card
Section Five New Material
Miller Variable Placement
Low fat sandwiches
Inspired by Marnase
Face Up Flyers Re-Blocked
Commentary: Why and Why Not

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