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Verbal Magic by Juan Tamariz

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What a beautiful book! Imagine you are performing a feat and everything happens in the hands of the spectator. Or even better, you're not even there...

Verbal Magic is the book for all artists who would like to know tricks in radio interviews or when talking on the phone that can be implemented immediately and leave a lasting impression. Juan Tamariz collected exactly such effects.

Here is the content of this English-language book

Using only a few playing cards, scraps of paper, and other everyday objects as props, viewers are guided through a variety of entertaining operations that leave them utterly amazed. Through clever principles, old and new, combined with cunning psychology and groundbreaking strategies, Juan Tamariz puts the magic in everyone's hands. He makes people amaze themselves! And if you follow the radio recordings on these pages, he will fool you too.

So open this book and be amazed. Then share the wonder and fun with your audience, whether they're listening to the radio, watching TV, or just in the room with you.

Follow Juan Tamariz as he explains how to take a bunch of red and black cards from a deck and the Farben Shuffle in a random, chaotic, and independently determined way. But when you're done, they separate Farben in a magical way! That's right, you're parading Oil and Water for yourself and have no idea how it happened - just as thousands of people have done while listening to Juan Tamariz on radio, TV and live audiences.

People freely choose a card, put it in a deck, shuffle the cards thoroughly, and then magically discover their own choices without knowing how they did it. The magic leaves Tamariz's hands and takes hold of her own!

This book gathers over forty such tricks and presentations, all refined and tested by professional demonstrations. Close collaborator Gema Navarro, under the guidance of Juan Tamariz, meticulously transcribed presentations from tapes of numerous radio broadcasts. The transcripts are so detailed that they first make the reader fool themselves and then give them the information needed to entertain and amaze their audience, and the tools of the trade to create many other effects that are entirely at your fingertips and take place in your head.

Scattered throughout the magic literature are a small number of hands-on effects suitable for radio and television performance, and these tricks are sought after and coveted by professionals. In Verbal Magick, Juan Tamariz showcases the greatest body of such magic ever offered, while taking it in new directions and teaching new principles with far-reaching potential for further application. He also shows that this type of magic is just as amazing when performed up close and for a theatrical audience. As a final bonus, Verbal Magic offers the most comprehensive recording yet for non-Spanish speakers of what it's like to be part of Tamariz's audience. Here's a long, in-depth look at how a master magician entertains and mystifies at the same time.

Book in English

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