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Water Make-up Palette Pearl 6er

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Grimas Water Make-up (Pure) is an unscented and gluten-free water make-up for face and body painting. Water makeup works like watercolor.

The Water Make-up (Pure) is available in palettes with 6, 12 or 24 pans of 2,5 ml each. The colors can also be ordered in individual cans of 15ml, 25ml or 60ml.

There is water make-up (Pure) in 40 matt tones and 15 pearl tones. The colors can be mixed with each other.

Wasser Make-Up Pure means that the product in question does not contain any chemical preservatives (such as parabens) or halogenated organic compounds.

Water Make-up (Pure) can be applied directly to the skin, but you can also apply a thin layer of Grimas Cake Make-up first. The advantage of this is that the colors of the Water Make-up (Pure) can be applied more evenly, appear stronger and are easier to remove later. Cake Make-up dries quickly and does not mix with the Water Make-up (Pure).

If you work with Water Make-up (Pure), it is important that you apply it to skin that is not too oily. The make-up adheres better to the skin and the result lasts longer. Water Make-up works like watercolor.

Make the color surface creamy with a brush or a make-up sponge (for larger skin surfaces) and a little water. Do not work too dry, but also not too wet.

The pearl tones, like silver and gold, have a grainier structure and need a little more water. Water Make-up (Pure) dries within 15 seconds.

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