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X-Ray by Rasmus

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Rasmus' latest trick - guess with 100% certainty in which hand a spectator is hiding the black ball - repeatable x-fold!

The Ultimate Which Hand Effect + The Ultimate Kurotsuke Effect!
All needed props included!

X-Ray is the first which-hand effect and Kurotsuke method that gives you the ability to guess where the hidden object is with your sleeves rolled up and no electronics with 100% accuracy.

For the first time in magic, Rasmus shares his subterranean method, extremely simple and deceptive to both layperson and magician.

X-Ray works without electronics and can be done sleeveless. There is no need to touch the spectators. The method is self-contained.

You can even perform both Which Hand and Kurotsuke effects completely naked if you want.

Contains 4 black and XNUMX white balls, for the strongest and most fireproof Which Hand and Kurotsuke style effects where you guess with 100% accuracy which hand the black ball is in.

Various demonstration options: 

  • One on one with a black ball
  • With up to 5 spectators
  • With a white and a black ball
  • With one coin or with 2 different coins 

You always know where which of the coins is (coins not included)

  • Extremely easy to use
  • 100% accurate, every single time
  • No complicated preparations
  • No electronics
  • invisible method
  • Everything you need is included
  • Also works perfectly with coins (coins are not included)
  • Same range as other professional devices
  • The spectators do not have to be touched
  • 100% original and never before published method
  • Perfect for TV shows (no sound issues and no electronics involved)
  • No interference or noise issues with microphones
  • Which contain Hand and Kurotsuke

You will receive a beautiful velvet bag containing 5 plastic balls (one is black) and the gimmick that allows you to perform these wonders. English language explanation video

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