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NEW opening hours from March 1st! Saturday, Sunday closed
NEW opening hours from March 1st! Saturday, Sunday closed

Zig Zag Rocky Racoon (without raccoon!)

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Rocky the raccoon is the magician's favorite animal and can be found in almost every magician's household. He drives the wildest antics, eats out of your hand, climbs up your arm, is alert and cheeky... and thus finds his way into the hearts of the audience all by himself.
Now this cute little fellow is also mutating into the star of your illusion show, in which the animal welfare organization will initially throw their hands up in horror

You show a cabinet into which you put Rocky, tail first. Rocky fills the box completely and so that the box doesn't get too cramped, open a small door at the bottom and let the raccoon's tail peek out.

The lid is closed, Rocky cheekily looks at the audience through an opening. Then it happens. With a diabolical grin, you push two broad stainless steel blades through the cabinet so that the poor animal is divided into three!

But that's not all! The middle of the cabinet is almost completely pushed out to the side! There is a big hole where the animal's body should be!!! A curious sight that you allow the audience to see from all sides, including being surrounded!

Is that supposed to be true? Never again will the little raccoon climb up your arm, eat out of your hand, show card tricks??? Therefore, you feel pity for the divided creature!

They shove the cabinet back together, pull out the blades and free the raccoon from his prison unharmed. And what is the cheeky guy doing? He climbs up your arm, eats out of your hand, and just acts like nothing happened.

Fantastic workmanship, black/red design, solid stainless steel blades, perfect function.

WITHOUT Rocky Raccoon – Rocky Raccoons have not been available for a long time. Therefore only buy if you already have a Rocky Raccoon that you can use!

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