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Zombie | The Floating Ball | German

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Everything, really everything you need to know about the zombie, the floating ball, a lot that you should know, some that you are allowed to know, is dealt with in this booklet.

Zombie, the levitating sphere, is the ideal levitating feat for contemporary performances, as no strings or complicated preparations are required.

The performer is in full control of the ball at all times, allowing this feat to be performed in almost any condition (yes, even surrounded).

This effect has rightly become a classic for which many experienced artists have devised routines and demonstration ideas.

In this booklet, after the introduction and the basic figures, you will also find three completely different routines that have been tried and tested, namely that of Will Ayling (presented as a solo showpiece), a normal routine that can be integrated into every magic performance, and finally Luis Gavilando's 'Sacred Sun' Ball' ('Holy Sun Ball') which was shown for months in clubs and variety shows with great success.

Both Will Ayling and Luis Gavilando not only reveal their thoughts, moves and movements, but they describe the entire presentation, including the set design, the sets, the theme, the costumes, yes, even the music. Both routines, performed as described, would still be prizeworthy at a competition even if they are shcon 'ancient'.

You will also find important information on how to pick up and place the ball correctly, as well as various tips and gags from practice for practice.

Never before has such a fundamental and extensive treatise on the zombie appeared in the German language, this booklet is a must for every zombie ball owner.

The booklet (German, DIN A4, stapled) with 34 pages and over 60 (!l) photographic reproductions.

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