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Store in Zurich closed until February 28th. Online shipping normally possible.

The IKS book test

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A 2-part book test with comedy potential! Be sure to read on. 

First you will wonder why the pictures don't show the product clearly. After all, you want to know what you're getting - just... you don't want your viewers to know. We don't want information or images to appear on the web that "debunk" this book test. Only those who have bought the book test know that these inconspicuous little gift books are in fact a tool for powerful effects. 

1st effect:

You stand back to back with a spectator. The viewer can leaf through the book, read it (!) and then decide on a page and name the page number. 

You have now produced an identical book, which the public sees but the viewer does not! As soon as you know the page number, you turn to the appropriate page and can guess any words and quote sentences that the viewer will remember in their book. – A miracle for the spectator, a laugh for the audience!

But then you enlighten the viewer and also show the audience that your book is EMPTY and all pages are WHITE! Boom!

  • both books are similar in appearance and thickness, and the second book has as many blank pages as the other printed one.
  • the second book provides all the information needed to demonstrate the effect without having to memorize anything.
  • The book is constructed in such a way that you don't have to look at the book while rushing through it, but you can let your gaze wander freely over the viewers and still show it convincingly empty!
  • Shawn Farqhuar popularized the book test with the white pages and approved the publication of this book test!
  • And now it comes: With this version of the comedy book test there is a...

2nd effect

The viewer should memorize a noun in the book. You only get the first letter at first. If it's true, that's already a sensation! Otherwise, have the spectator name the letter. He names him. And wow. You immediately say the word that seems to have been transmitted to you. And it starts with that letter. Not only that; it is a synonym of the word chosen by the viewer. Second Boom!

  • the viewer can choose (almost) any side to choose a word. Only the first and last pages in the book are taboo. 
  • he can really remember any noun (!) AOnly proper names and place names are excluded.
  • DYou name the first letter without any prior information. If you are wrong, you only need the first letter from the spectator and you know the word or the appropriate synonym. 

A two-part German book test based on Braco's MoaB principle. You can demonstrate only the 1st effect or both. A 20-page instruction booklet in German explains everything you need to know. 

You get from us: 

  • Instruction booklet in German
  • The Force Book
  • The book with the "white" pages
  • An exchange book

Important: You will receive a set of three (3) from us! books for the price, not just two! The exchange book is already part of the set and does not have to be ordered separately.