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A String of Pearls by Christoph Borer

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When it comes to mental magic, Christoph Borer probably needs no introduction. The Swiss artist has already released several publications, all of which met with great interest and were sold out shortly. 

Now the latest book is available: "A String of Pearls" - A string of pearls with 12 pieces of art that are important to him and which he developed for performances in front of laypeople. All of these routines have never been shown in magic circles before!

  1. The fourfold miracle
    4 spectators think of a card, without asking a question, the performer finds out all four cards
  2. The Free Gift
    A spectator finds the right one among different gifts
  3. pure magic
    A PK touch routine: Viewers feel touches from a distance
  4. Burned on the forehead
    A freely conceived card becomes visible on the forehead of the performer
  5. great memory
    The demonstrator apparently knows the whole dictionary by heart and proves it
  6. The Mathematical Birthday
    The Perfect Magic Square by Hans-Christian Solka. Released for the first time!
  7. Play with scissors
    Three bags on the table, the performer hits two selected bags. If he lifts the third one, there are open scissors underneath...
  8. The calendar miracle
    A magical wonder featuring a spectator and a calendar booklet with their name printed on the spectator's month of birth
  9. A Pearl of Strings
    One is freely chosen from single records. The song on it: "A String of Pearls". A box already on the table contains a pearl necklace!
  10. The sky is the limit
    A method using letter cards that allows for a variety of effects. 
  11. What magic is good for
    A shirt button pops off and is magically reattached to the shirt
  12. To the deck of cards
    Thoughts on the classic sword and new ideas

Book in German. Bound with 84 pages, 12 pieces of art, 11 of which are unpublished!

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Arthur Rosha

Like every book by Christoph a must have!

Daniel Meier
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