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Intercessor gimmick 2.0

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An ingenious gimmick that opens up new possibilities when you want to show off the effect with a torn corner of a card. 

The Intercessor is a unique gimmick that makes miracles possible. It was developed by the inventive Gaetan Bloom and has been used in his professional shows for many years.

It allows for the most amazing versions of the classic Orange card. Any effect in which a selected card is torn into pieces and then reappears in an impossible location except for the corner, which the volunteer keeps.

The new 2.0 Intercessor gimmick is included on the explainer video, along with details on Gaetan's Missing Digit, his candy routine, tips on how to use and demonstrate from top magicians from around the world, a full history of how the gimmick was developed, and demonstration footage from Gaetan hilarious salad routine.

In English and French.

Tutorial (2h 27m) and Intercessor 2.0 gimmick

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