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Leather pouch Streetmagic

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This prop was forgotten for decades. Pop Krieger was probably the last great master of the art of sleight of hand to wear the pouches with success. There is hardly anything more practical to store your small props.

For the cup game, coin routines, cloth routines and more, the pouches is a great tool. They are practically ready for demonstration at any time! The pouch is a large kangaroo-like shoulder bag that is tied around the waist and carried in front of the loins. You can easily reach into the pouch with your hands from above to pick up or unload things. The pouch is ingenious for loading cups, because you don't need any additional storage behind your table. 

This is the affordable entry-level model, made of leather. Familiarize yourself with the pouch. The fruits, balls, etc... shown are not included.

In Switzerland exclusively in Zauberparadies.

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