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After releasing "A Trip to Cancun" and "A Trip to Circus" to great success six years ago, George Iglesias is now releasing the new Christmas version of this trick, "A Letter to Santa"!

Perfect for virtual Zoom shows and live performances too!

The magician shows some letters to Santa Claus with various gifts. The child can choose between a beach ball, a teddy bear, a PlayStation, a magic box, a Monopoly or a Bicycle!

Then the letter is mixed in with the others. The magician makes the letter disappear from the package and travels to the North Pole! Now he shows a large poster. When he opens it, you see Santa Claus with a letter in his hand and Rudolph with his red nose at his side.

Now the child gets the chance to use their imagination to travel to the North Pole. The magician folds the poster and the boy sticks his hand in to retrieve the letter, but he accidentally takes out Rudolph's nose instead! The magician opens the poster... And guess what? Rudolph's nose is missing from the drawing.

The magician folds the poster back up and the boy puts his hand inside again, but this time he accidentally takes Santa's hat! The magician opens the poster and Santa's hat is missing from the drawing.

Finally, the magician himself puts his hand in and takes out the letter, but before he does that, something gets stuck on it, he pulls it hard and Santa's belt comes out! All the children now start laughing, but the magician ignores them and shows the letter chosen by the child, which is exactly the same as the one chosen before.

The children plead and beg the magician to open the poster and show them what's inside. The magician refuses, but the poster accidentally opens to show Santa Claus with his pants down!!!

A very fun and interactive routine that is very easy to do.

Excellent quality. Very well made props, the poster is plasticized and will last a lifetime. All props are made with great detail.


  • 1 poster
  • 12 special letters to Santa Claus (2 sets with 6 plasticized cards each)
  • 1 Santa Claus belt
  • 1 Santa Claus hat
  • 1 clown nose (Goshman)
  • 1 English online instruction video

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