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Card Manipulation | Card Manipulations | Jean Hughard

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For the magician and for most viewers, card manipulation is the most intriguing type of card trick. Since the skill of the manipulator is the only determining factor, once the artist has acquired a certain level of card skill, he can, at any time and without further preparation, learn tricks that are sure to entertain with any available deck of cards.

In this series, Jean Hugard, a master on stage and in small groups, teaches the passes, the palms methods, the shuffle, the arm spreads, the color inversions, the sleight of hand, the flourishes, the lineups and the tricks in the best professional versions . After demonstrating the basic manipulations, he develops a series of extraordinary tricks using the manipulations.

A series of illustrations and step-by-step explanations teach every detail of how the trick would be shown in a demonstration. By working through these tricks, from the simple to the complex, the magician learns their skills in a professional manner and also acquires a wide repertoire of specific tricks. A large number of manipulations and over a hundred tricks are explained throughout the book.

The keys to these tricks are not widely known outside of professional magician groups. But for the intermediate or semi-professional who has some level of card skill, the manipulations and tricks developed in this book will increase the skill of the performance, allow for hours of thorough practice, and help build a professional, well-rounded repertoire of cards.
"Recommended." - Link Ring.

Reprint of the original 1934 edition in English

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