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chop | Craig Petty

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Oliver W

chop | Craig Petty


faster than expected

Clever gimmick with a great tutorial

I'm a big fan of Craig Petty. As always with him, chop is a well thought out trick. In the tutorial, he shows the main routine, which can also be easily modified and adapted to your own style, and gives a number of additional ideas to boost your own creativity.

Make a signed bill disappear under any cup and reappear on your command. Just when your audience thinks you've run out of tricks, a lemon appears in the cup and the signed dollar bill is inside the lemon.

This is a real feat that evokes great reactions. This is Chop by Craig Petty.

This happens as follows:

A bill is borrowed, signed and crumpled into a small ball. An ordinary coffee cup will be examined by your spectators. The banknote disappears from the cup, only to reappear with a snap of the fingers.

The bill is put back into the cup and it disappears again. The cup is placed in the spectator's hands and inexplicably reappears at your or your spectator's command. The bill disappears again and if you lift the cup, you will find a lemon under the cup.

The lemon can be examined and found to be quite normal. Then cut open the lemon and inside is the signed bill.

Chop comes with a very special gimmick that allows you to turn any cup or bill into an instant chop-cup routine. The chop routine can be performed with any mug, even a paper coffee mug.

Craig Petty has been using this gimmick for years, using it whenever he wants to impress his audience. The gimmick has been redesigned to work even better than before. In addition to the Killer Bill in Lemon Ending, Craig has also updated the guide with incredible new moves that make it incredibly deceptive.

Plus, you'll learn additional routine ideas involving cards, coins, sponge balls, and other ways to use the chop gimmick that will really wow your audience.

Craig even demonstrates some amazing tricks using the chop gimmick with a clear glass. Pros will love how handy this gimmick is, and beginners will love how easy this trick is to do.

Once you get your hands on it, you won't want to leave home without Craig Petty's chop.

With video instructions in English. 


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