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Daily shipping from MON-FRI. Plan now for Halloween!

Cube 3 | Steven Brundage

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Customer Reviews

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Joel B.
An excellent magic effect

The order includes a very high quality Speed ​​Cube (no gimmicks) and a very long and detailed video by Steven Brundage. You can be extremely creative with it. The reactions to the effects are incredibly good and you can really make the audience laugh and be amazed. And that for just under 40 francs.

Yan U

Cube 3 by Steven Brundage


Everyone knows how long it takes to solve a Rubik's Cube. It's a long, frustrating, and hair-raising process. But Steven Brundage explains the solving process step-by-step, making this puzzle an amazingly engaging process.

Steven Brundage has Penn & Teller, then Steve Harvey, Good Morning America, NBC, ABC... the list of TV channels and shows goes on and on.

Now Steve wants to share his technique with you.

What you get:

  • Steven Brundage's 3x3 Speed ​​Rubik's Cube.
  • Online explanations on how to solve the cube (English only)
  • Online explanation of the effects
  • PDF with the algorithm

You will learn different demonstration variants:

  • Imagination Solve: a slow, multi-level replica of the shuffled cube that seems to solve itself....

  • Toss Up Solve: You throw the cube up and it seems to solve itself...

  • Solve behind-the-back: Solve the cube behind your back...

  • Bag Solve: In a paper bag, the cube detaches itself.

  • Instant release: boom! Fast and visual!

  • Solve color change: The cube doesn't move and still solves. And more....

Important: You only get the cube, no gimmicks. And you still have to practice. Cube 3 is a sophisticated technique, not a self-running effect.

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