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Want to get into threading but don't know how to start? Are you a worker who just doesn't have the time to mess with threads and the intricate equipment that goes with them?

We have exactly what you are looking for...

Fearson's Thread Bullets are the EASY way to get into levitation and thread work!

Steve Fearson has turned the world of levitation upside down throughout his career.

This time he aims the Thread Bullet right at the heart of invisible thread work. More than 10 years in the making, we believe it's the most elegant and functional thread management system imaginable.


Usually, invisible threads need to be stripped or peeled. This can be very difficult. The Thread Bullet eliminates the need for de-triggering entirely, allowing you to focus on your performance. Each Thread Bullet comes with 40 feet of invisible thread. Pre-pulled, set and ready to go!


The Thread Bullet is able to gently and silently dispense a length of thread and LOCK it in at any time... AUTOMATICALLY! you need more? Just pull and the Thread Bullet releases only as much thread as you need. The thread stays at the perfect tension all the time and locks back in place automatically. The automatic lock allows you to manipulate the thread without tension, which is necessary to perform some of the most popular thread effects.

You can work with the thread until it breaks, or put it back to save for later and the Thread Bullet will remember EXACTLY how much you've worked. Accurate to the centimetre. So when you're ready again, it will output the exact length and STOP.


If you run out of thread (and you will eventually), simply toss the empty bio spool in the trash. Yes, they are disposable and biodegradable, making them environmentally friendly. It might be hard to imagine a landfill full of invisible threads... but every little bit helps!

Just peel off what you need, use it until it rips and repeat the process. Do this over and over until you run out of thread (it will eventually)...then throw the spool away! This is the simplest thread manager imaginable.

Threadballs are the best way to refill your other devices, especially the electronic reels. You can pull the entire strand into the spool and just throw away the Thread Bullet. Or you can rewind your Thread Bullet with a new thread and continue to enjoy its convenience and features.

We sell a ton of thread and are proud to offer such a fully featured device in eco-friendly packaging. Small enough to fit in the tip of a thumb, the Thread Bullet is the ultimate tool for the discerning thread worker. Take care of it and it can last indefinitely. (Just don't let it get wet after midnight.)

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