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Marked...! The marked deck

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Have you always been interested in marked decks of cards? Wanted to learn more about the techniques and markings? This book is for you!

In 2002, Kirk Charles wrote Marked for Life. It was arguably the most comprehensive book ever published on the subject of marked cards. Just a year earlier, Boris Wild had authored The Boris Wild Marked Deck. Both works have been combined in Hidden in Plain Sight into a complete course in the use of marked maps.

The most important psychological basics of using marked cards are explained in detail, strategies for misdirection, the use of key cards and much more are discussed to enable the reader to get the most out of a loaded deck.

Chapters with simple tricks follow, with which even the beginner can successfully enchant his audience after a short time, followed by demanding routines for professional use.

In a second part, written by Boris Wild, dealing with the Boris Wild Marked Deck is dealt with in great detail. In addition, Boris Wild explains two blockbuster effects that are absolutely amazing and puzzling not only for laypeople but also for magicians.

Book in German. 120 pages, soft bound. (Please order the Boris Wild Deck separately, it is not included!). 

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