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Please note the store's opening hours. Shipping daily MON-FRI!
Please note the store's opening hours. Shipping daily MON-FRI!

Cumin Leaves by Jon Jensen

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The pawn game caraway leaves Three Cards Monte) is one of the most dangerous cardsharp tricks par excellence, together with the shell game.

You will find the game on the streets of almost every major city around the globe, always using the same skill and psychology, always ending with the same result, which is the unsuspecting player being scammed out of their money. Hence the name Street Monte.

Of course, the caraway leaf is also one of the best card tricks of all time, with which every audience can be excellently entertained.

Jon Jensen explains in detail how the caraway leaf is performed on the unforgivable road.

However, this is not a pamphlet designed to explain how to take people's money. Rather, you will learn how to use the old pawn catcher game for entertainment purposes!

You will learn the original performance with everyone Varianten and complementary grips, such as the one-handed monte, the Mexican flip, the grind.

It also explains the Vanishing Lady, a routine that uses an easy-to-craft prepared card.

German-language brochure in DIN A5 format, 40 pages with many drawings and a foreword by Mike Porstmann.

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