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Daily shipping from MON-FRI. Plan now for Halloween!
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Cumin leaves for entertainment

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The caraway leaf (Three Card Monte) is the effect - I might as well write 'trick' here - in which a spectator is supposed to guess where the only red (or black) card is.

And because this 'game' is very often about money, about money that the spectator loses against the player, this description, this booklet, is written here solely for the purpose of entertainment.

Divided into two large sections, they experience (and learn) everything about this classic effect.

In part 1 you will be introduced to the most important methods with normal playing cards, whereas the second part deals with special or prepared cards.

Here you will find interesting variants such as:
- Cumin leaves from street vendors
-MacMillan Miracle
- The lady went home
- Pimpernel Card
- Three card foolers
- Two Blacks - One Red
- Chase the Ace (the flying ace)
- Striptease lady

Many of the cards required in Part 2 can easily be made by yourself, some can be purchased at the magic market.

For all serious (card) artists, however, the very precise depiction of the (fraudulent) caraway leaf in the first part will be of great interest, especially since there is no comparable depiction in German!

The booklet (German), DIN A4 stapled, 45 pages with many photographs

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