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Grima's latex milk, also known as rubber milk, is a liquid that you can use to create special effects and casts in plaster molds. For example, if you want to create burns.

The white liquid latex becomes transparent as it dries.

Latex can be used to make wounds, masks and skin changes, but also to build model landscapes for railway systems or to cast molds. 

Latex milk in different bottlesgrössen

The smallest bottlesgrösse with 100ml enough for wounds and smaller masks, as well as for creating burns, skin detachments in zombie makeup and for skin aging with wrinkles in the theater area.

The grössere 500ml latex milk bottle is also for one grössere and more comprehensive mask sufficient.

The liter bottle allows you to craft various latex items. 


  • Always apply latex in thin layers, which you can then let dry or additionally dry with a hair dryer.
  • Avoid applying too thickly, otherwise there may be areas where the latex has already dried out on the outside but is still damp on the inside.
  • If possible, use cream makeup or alcohol-based makeup for coloring Make-Up 
  • Among other things, you can remove Grimas Cleansing Cream, makeup remover, Make-up remover or Multi Remover use.


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Deliveries abroad are currently not possible due to new EU customs regulations not more can be made directly via the online shop. You are welcome to have the delivery via an external shipping service provider such as e.g Swiss postal address to be processed. We will then deliver to the Swiss address, and the package will then be forwarded to you.

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