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Uncle Percy's Last Leaf

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This is the story of your great-granduncle Percy, who was a poker fanatic. For a good poker hand - it was said - he would even sell his soul to the devil...

You get five playing cards with different values ​​(Percy's lucky cards) from the pencil case and place them face up on the table. Next to it you put a pane of glass and murmur respectfully: Uncle Percy's glasses...

Now a spectator can choose one of the cards on the table. And then an attempt is made to contact Uncle Percy.

To do this, put this lens in the viewer's palm. Ghost writing slowly and eerily forms in the glass. Finally, one can clearly (eg) read the word RED. That was a message - straight from the afterlife - from Uncle Percy...

Now turn all the cards face down. All have different colored backs. Now get an envelope from the pencil case that contains more playing cards.

These not only have the same colored backside as the chosen one, no, together they make a Royal Flash! If that's not lucky.

You get everything complete:

  • Bicyclecards
  • special pane of glass
  • inconspicuous pencil case, which hides a secret.
  • German instructions
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