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Professional and practical by Wolf Fisher

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Find out here from Wolf Fisher the TOP SECRETS of a professional, how you too can perform successfully under the most difficult conditions.

You will not only learn how to build a program that works under almost ALL (!) performance conditions or how to further develop your personality (on stage and in life!). You'll get invaluable tips on real-world situations and how to handle them with confidence.

Did you know, for example,

  • how to adhere to exact (!) time specifications as a speaker with audience participation on stage?

  • how to work successfully as a speaker in front of an international audience?

  • how to minimize rehearsals with technicians, stage hands or even a live orchestra?

  • Have you always wanted to learn the secrets of a moderator?

  • Do you know how to prepare yourself as a moderator and how to moderate or even interview in the best possible way?

  • And everything you always wanted to know about cruises!

 Find out here without mercy what no agent tells you!

A MUST for every artist who wants to deal with this area. Countless behavior tips round off this seminar booklet.

Wolf Fisher shares his experiences, his attitude and his philosophy with you here and does not mince his words.

Each of these chapters is a real treasure trove of background knowledge that has grown over 14 years as a professional in international engagements.

Experiences that have (sometimes literally!) cost blood, sweat and tears.

No matter if beginner, advanced or professional, no matter if magician, singer or artist, everyone will find something useful!

You too can benefit from this, you too can become professional and practical in your performance!

Book German, with 112 pages DIN A5

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