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NEW opening hours from March 1st! Saturday, Sunday closed
NEW opening hours from March 1st! Saturday, Sunday closed

Run Rabbit Run - Hasenburg

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A top-class children's trick that will get your little spectators excited.

Julius, your little plastic magic bunny plays the leading role. And when Julius isn't ice cream, he'll play hide-and-seek with you, his great magic friend. Julius even has an actual bunny magic castle where he hides behind a door.

After you can't find him there anymore, you naturally assume immediately that the magic castle must have a secret passage, how else could the little whirlwind have disappeared so quickly.

This is the big hour for your little spectators, you can tell right away, because Julius darted to the other side from behind the castle wall when you looked away quickly and is now hiding behind the door on the other side.

Somewhat incredulous, you first look at the children, then at the magic castle, look behind the other door and again find no Julius.

Of course, it can't be either, because the children saw quite clearly that the magic bunny had long since run to the other side to lead them by the nose again.

Whenever you're not looking, the little guy is dashing from side to side. Sometimes he is behind the right, sometimes behind the left door, then behind no door at all and cheekily looks out of the side of the magic castle. If you try to outsmart him by opening all the doors, not only you, but even more your small audience will be surprised.

Julius has completely disappeared from the magic castle and while you're all desperately looking for him, he looks very slyly out of the breast pocket of your jacket or shirt, as if to say he feels most at home with you, his great magic friend.

Häschenburg is the perfect children's entertainment. You will receive the props in a child-friendly, technically unsurpassed design, where almost everything goes by itself. Size 50 x 20 cm.

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