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Secret Agenda | Roberto Giobbi

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Spend a year in the mind of Roberto Giobbi. The Secret Agenda book is structured like an annual calendar, giving you a trick, thought, strategy, technique, or concept for each day of the year. We recommend.

Here is the original text of this book, which is only available in English (no German edition of the book is planned!)

Each day of this year you will open a new door in Giobbi's mind and something surprising and enriching will leap out at you - a new trick, feat, technique, refinement, performance tip, business strategy, concept or insight that emerges from from the thoughts, experience and notebooks of a full-time international artist and one of the greatest teachers of magic.

With Secret Agenda, Roberto Giobbi, world-renowned author of the Card College and Card College Light series, has written an invaluable text for his fellow casters, one unlike anything else in the literature of magic.

Secret Agenda contains 366 articles, one for each day of the year (plus one extra for leap years). The reader is invited to read just one of these articles per day - and to enjoy, learn, absorb, or be challenged by new thoughts and information for a whole year.

For more than four decades, Roberto Giobbi has dedicated his life to exploring the world of magic, learning from the vast international literature and the greatest magicians. Among those whose unpublished work Giobbi draws on are Fred Kaps, Ascanio, Juan Tamariz, Lennart Green, Vanni Bossi, David Williamson, and many others.

Over the years, Giobbi methodically, meticulously, and exhaustively kept records of everything he learned. Secret Agenda is more than the work of a single artist. It is an accumulation of priceless information, compiled from the best minds in magic past and present, idea by idea, day by day, for the benefit of the reader.

While some of the material presented addresses the expected area of ​​card magic, it covers much more: coin and close-up magic, platform and stage magic, theory, philosophy, and humor. Secret Agenda is broad, with invaluable information and insights for all magicians.

We have tried to give a work of such uniqueness a suitable format. Secret Agenda is a large, sumptuous volume, indexed, bound in intricately foil-embossed linen, and ribbon bookmarked - a volume comfortable in the hand and inviting to the mind, providing pleasure for many more than a year and advice for a whole life offers.

424 pages in a decorated hardcover binding. in English

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