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Street parade Saturday open 10am-16pm
Street parade Saturday open 10am-16pm

Eye test (One Way)

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You explain to the viewers that you are lost. In fact, confusing directions were everywhere.

To demonstrate this, you hold a white board in your hands, on which a hand is printed with an outstretched index finger showing the direction.

You've seen signs like that everywhere, you explain. Once the signs would have pointed to the left, then to the right again, then up the stairs and down again into the basement.

The index finger on the card illustrates the lecture. He keeps pointing in a different direction, which is pretty amazing.

At the end, the magician opens the card AND... The lecture with all its punch lines can only be reproduced with difficulty.

Only so much should be said at this point: If you are a little articulate, you can entertain your audience for a good 2-3 minutes!

You will receive the special card together with a funny presentation idea.

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