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Tarbell Course in Magic | Magic Course | 1-8

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This magic course belongs in every bookshelf. Harlan Tarbell used the material collected here as a comprehensive adult magic course covering all areas of magic. What you will find in these eight volumes of material covers practically the entire spectrum of magic.

Each volume is divided into different chapters, each dedicated to a specific topic.

Volume 7 also contains a table of contents for the first seven volumes. So if you are looking for a special trick, you will find it immediately.

The Harlan Tarbell Course in Magic volumes can be purchased individually or as a set. We recommend you buy the whole set 1-7, and we'll give you the extra volume 8 for free!

Books English, bound.

(The Tarbell is also available in German, but only as individual brochures and lessons. See the separate products in our shop)

Tarbell Course in Magic 1

History of Magic, Magic as a Science, Sleight of Hand with Coins, Coin Tricks, More Coin Tricks, The Thumb Tip, Impromptu Tricks, Ball Tricks, Mathematical Mysteries, Effective Card Mysteries, Impromptu Card Mysteries, Mental Card Mysteries, Card Sleights, Novel Card Mysteries, Restoring Torn Papers, Rope & Tape Principle, Handkerchief Tricks, Knotty Silks, Eggs and Silks.

19 lessons, 410 pages, 918 illustrations.

Tarbell Course in Magic 2

How to Please your Audience, Magic with Wands, Double Paper Mysteries, Magic with Coins, Cigarette Magic, Sleight of Hand with Cards, Selected Card Mysteries, Rising Cards, Egg Magic, Billiard Ball Manipulation, Handkerchief Magic, Rope Magic, Ghostlite Mysteries, illusions

14 lessons, 410 pages, 1087 illustrations.

Tarbell Course in Magic 3

Routining a Magic Show, How to Make People Laugh, Intimate Magic, Conjuring with Currency, Modern Coin Effects, Fundamental Card Sleights, Card Mysteries, Card Stabbing, Novelty Handkerchief Magic, Color Changing Silks, Rabbit and Dove Magic, Illusions.

12 lessons, 418 pages, 1116 illustrations.

Tarbell Course in Magic 4

Novelty Magic, Thimble Magic, Swallowing Needle & Blades, Unique Card Magic, Novelty Rising Cards, Card Transition Tricks, Mental & Psychic Mysteries, The Thumb Tie, Chinese Linking Rings, Silken Trickery, Slate Tricks, Illusions. 

13 lessons, 418 pages, 1140 illustrations.

Tarbell Course in Magic 5

Unique Magic, More Unique Mysteries, Four Ace Effects, Modern Mental Mysteries, Hat and Coat Productions, Oriental Magic, Original Oriental Secrets, Tarbell Hindu Rope Mysteries, Modern Rope Magic, Magic of the Bambergs, Magic with Bowls and Liquids, Illusions, Publicity and PhD.

13 lessons, 418 pages, 1152 illustrations. 

Tarbell Course in Magic 6

Novel Ball Magic, Unique Card Effects, Novelty Magic, Rope Magic, Mindreading Mysteries, X Ray Eyes and Blindfold Effects, Silk and Rope Penetrations, Escapes and Substitutions, Spirit Ties and Vest Turning, Modern Stage Magic, Stage Productions, Magic as Theater.

12 lessons, 410 pages, 1200 illustrations.

Tarbell Course in Magic 7

More Mental Magic, Card Magic, Rope Magic, Novelty Magic, Money Magic, Silk Magic, Illusions You Can Make, Late Arrivals.

8 lessons, 490 pages, hundreds of illustrations. Full Index for Vol. 1-7

Tarbell Course in Magic 8

All of the material in Vol 8 has been gathered from newly discovered ORIGINAL material from the original Tarbell Course in Magic! Yes, you can have Dr. Tarbell's very own teachings in your hands. 


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