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Topit book by Michael Ammar

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The topit was probably developed by shoplifters who would hide their loot in it.

In 1946 it was discovered by Victor Farelli for magic. - From now on it is an integral part of magic.
This offers the magician unimagined possibilities of making objects disappear secretly and at lightning speed - out of their own hands, so to speak.

And so that you can learn how to disappear properly, use it properly and also demonstrate it properly, Michael Ammar has written this book for you.

You will find everything about the Topit in it:
Chapter 1: Pattern sheet, processing instructions, wearing suggestions, psychological information
Chapter 2: Basic techniques (15 in number)
Chapter 3: Direct applications (11 in total) such as: - Card game exchange using handkerchief - Four drawn cards in wallet - Ball and handkerchief disappearing and much more astonishing.
Chapter 4: Surprising finishes to well-known effects.
Chapter 5: Effects by Michael Weber, Bob Fitch and Harry Levine.
Chapter 6: Nine Complete Topit Routines

Excellently illustrated with countless drawings by Richard Kaufman. German edition.

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